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Delivering world-class talent exclusively for the biotech, pharma, and healthcare industries, since 1986.

Marcus & Associates - Life Sciences Executive Search Firm

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For over 37 years the most elite world leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare clients have retained us as a strategic partner for their most critical recruitment needs. Being entrusted to secure top talent for vital roles is a privilege and every search is a high priority. Our consistent level of transparency, communication, and commitment to delivering a full slate of highly qualified candidates while ensuring a positive experience for person we engage has earned us a reputation as one of the most reputable firms in the industry-resulting in more than 95% repeat business and an Industry Leading 98% Fill Rate.

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6 Functional Area Specific Recruiting Teams

Our experience is primarily divided across 6 functional areas and we have multiple teams to support these functions. Our highly trained consultants are experts in their functional areas and have developed vast networks of senior leadership across their functional areas.

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Research & PreClinical

Regulatory & Quality

Clinical & Medical


Product Development & CMC

HR, IT & Corporate

Key Benefits We Deliver

Hire World-Class, Highly Motivated Candidates

  1. Strong Relationships with 1000s of Industry Leaders – Otherwise known as Friends of Marcus (FOMs), the talent we placed trust and refer us to otherwise inaccessible, passive top talent
  2. Intensive 3 Tier Candidate Qualification Process – Well-vetted talent ensures offers are accepted by candidates of choice
  3. M&A Brand Strength – Candidates recognize our brand, resulting in a 70% callback rate vs. the 25% industry average
  4. Superior Sourcing – 1000s of targeted calls and talent mapping by our recruiters results in 100s of high-value recruiting/sourcing conversations

Fill Your Positions Fast

  1. Methodical Search Process – Our strategic approach has been continuously refined since 1986
  2. 2.5 Million+ Contact Database – Well-maintained database of 500k+ Life Sciences industry contacts and over 2 Million Healthcare leadership contacts
  3. Industry Leading Results – We guarantee delivery of a full slate of candidates within 5-21 days
  4. Six Functional-Area-Specific Recruiting Teams – Our team’s sole focus is Life Sciences and Healthcare; every search has a dedicated team of 3-5 functional area experts

Superior Client Service

  1. Ambassadors of Your Brand – Commitment to learning each client’s needs, culture, and value proposition to enhance placement results
  2. Extensive Search Preparation – In-depth research and planning for every search results in better outcomes and turnaround times
  3. Accommodating & Flexible Service – We align ourselves with your preferred processes and policies to create synergy between our teams
  4. Transparency & Ongoing Communication – Transparent, timely communication eliminates wasted time and costly mistakes

Significant Cost Savings

  1. Up To 40% In Cost Savings – Our fees are consistently 10-40% more cost-effective than traditional search firms
  2. Pay-for-Performance Fee Structure – Milestone payments ensure our clients never pay the majority of a search fee for unfilled positions
  3. Flexible Agreement Terms – Flexible search agreements to accommodate all potential clients
  4. Guaranteed Results – Industry-leading Fill Rate of 98% (or better) year over year is a key indicator of the fact that we never stop working a search until the position is filled with the right candidate for the job

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