Research & Pre-Clinical

Our Research & Pre-Clinical practice area is led by seasoned experts who provide our clients a sharp advantage in competing for the finest scientific talent. We have placed 1,000’s of biologists, medicinal chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and translational science experts over our 37 years in business. Our level of connectivity in this talent community is second to none.

Why Marcus & Associates?

The clients we serve in this functional area range from seed-stage companies, small- to mid-size biotech, as well as large Pharmaceutical companies. While the therapeutic areas and scientific platforms are unique to each company, there are several shared competencies that all of our clients look for in top research and preclinical leaders. They include education and training, post-doctoral experience, industrial achievements, publication record, ability to empower, and an excellent track record of leading projects.

“Marcus & Associates is the only firm that I have ever worked with that truly obsesses over my open positions as much as I do!”

Chief Operating OfficerFierceBiotech Top 15 Client

“Distinguishing features of Marcus & Associates and of Josh are a high-level of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Timely follow-up coupled with sharp, on-target insight is extremely valuable competing in a tight and very competitive job market. Having all of this together, well-balanced and appropriately executed, is a winning formula.”

Senior Vice PresidentTop 10 Life Sciences Client

Functional Areas We Serve within Research & Preclinical

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Biomarkers
  • Cellular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chemoinformatics
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Computational Biology
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Discovery Toxicology
  • High Throughput Screening
  • In Vitro Pharmacology
  • Innovation
  • Investigative Toxicology
  • Lead Identification
  • Lead Optimization
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Pathology
  • Peptide Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • PK/PD/DM
  • Product Safety Assessment
  • Project and Program Management

Select Placements within Research & PreClinical

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Senior Vice President, R&D
  • Vice President, Research
  • Vice President, Program Lead
  • Vice President, Drug Discovery
  • Vice President, Discovery Biology
  • Vice President, Translational Research
  • Executive Director, Pathology
  • Executive Director, Toxicology
  • Head, Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Head, Immunology
  • Head, Molecular Platforms
  • Head, Translational Discovery
  • Senior Director, Lead Discovery
  • Senior Director, CNS Biology
  • Senior Director, Cell Biology R&D

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