About Us

Marcus & Associates was founded in 1986 by Al Marcus, a former pharma/biotech leader. After working with dozens of search firms to fill highly specialized clinical and scientific positions throughout his career, he was frustrated by the subpar vetting, lack of relevant industry knowledge, and overall poor services received. His passion for hiring top talent inspired him to develop an Executive Search firm  capable of adding real value to the recruiting and hiring process, specifically in the Healthcare & Life Sciences arena.  He used his first-hand industry experience to develop a team of experts within each unique functional practice area, and over time, this foundation has continued to support, cultivate, and enhance our firms ability to produce exceptional results.   Today, the team has expanded to include offices in the United States as well as Asia, but the vision remains the same- making a difference in the lives of people all over the world by connecting talented professionals with innovative companies and once in a life time opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

Although we have many years of experience and a superior track record of success, we choose to remain boutique in size which is a key point of differentiation with respect to our traditional retained competitors. Our size augments our flexible yet thorough approach, including a customizable, methodical search process that translates into greater satisfaction for our clients. We devote significantly more resources and attention to each assignment and are committed to filling each position with the best candidate. We are always engaged, providing highly responsive and open lines of communication for clients and candidates to ensure the most productive and satisfying service possible. We follow through with every candidate on every search, and everyone is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism– no matter how long we are engaged on a project.

Our Mission

Marcus & Associates’ mission is the recruitment of world-class scientific, clinical, technical and commercial talent, including mission-critical executive officers, fast-track rising stars, industry-leading functional experts and drivers of excellence in science and technology, to give our Healthcare and Life Sciences clients a competitive advantage in building exceptional leadership teams that will make an immediate and significant long-term contribution to successfully achieving their organizational goals and objectives.

Core Values








Drive for excellence

Our primary purpose is to meet the talent acquisition needs and requirements of our clients. We strongly believe that an organization’s most important resource is its employees and we partner with clients who share this same belief.

Marcus & Associates has established a proven track record of service and achievement unique within Healthcare and Life Sciences. We take pride in being a truly client-driven firm.

Marcus & Associates - Life Sciences Executive Search Firm

Meet The Team

Marcus & Associates invests heavily in developing our staff and provides extensive training annually – covering topics including executive search, Healthcare and Life Sciences, relationship building, communication and client service skills. This has helped us to build a commanding knowledge and expertise, which enables us to deliver consistently superior results and back up our commitment to filling every position.

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