Multitiered Evaluation Process

A senior member of our leadership team is involved in every permanent search, starting with a video or personal meeting to get to know you, the company, the position, and the qualities the ideal candidate will possess. From there, each search is assigned a Project Leader, Recruiting Manager, and dedicated team of recruiters to begin talent mapping, sourcing, screening, and thoroughly vetting potential candidates through our comprehensive multitiered evaluation process to present qualified candidates that are the right match. This will be based on technical experience, functional working knowledge, culture fit, mission alignment, as well as shared vision and career goals.

Executive Search

Making the wrong hiring decision costs time, productivity, and valuable resources that can never be replaced. Achieving the best results begins with recruiting the right people and requires thorough evaluation of the best qualified candidates. The key benefit to our Permanent Search Services consists of our ability to assess the potential for overall organizational fit, alignment of professional objectives, vision for the role, as well as the right motivating factors to determine potential for success and longevity. Our goal is to add value to your hiring process to help you make high impact hires that will drive positive outcomes for many years to come- results guaranteed!

Proven Expertise

Since Marcus & Associates was founded almost 40 years ago, we’ve crafted a time-tested, comprehensive, and methodical process that delivers high caliber candidates responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in the industry over the last three decades. Our team brings the value of more than 10 decades of combined experience, and our shared view that no two searches are alike. The framework for every search starts with the development of a customized search plan tailored to the unique specifications of every position, and the results speak for themselves with our 99% Close Rate and 97% repeat business from Clients.


From pre-IPO stealth mode to commercial stage biotechnology companies, Marcus & Associates understands the phased and scalable hiring requirements of executive leaders as well as venture investors and boards of directors. Marcus & Associates has a 36-year track record of successfully supporting biotechnology companies working in various modalities, including cell and gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, traditional vaccines, mRNA vaccines, etc.


Pharmaceutical companies have relied on Marcus & Associates for over 36 years to fill their most important and highest impact positions across functions, including Research and Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Medical, CMC, Regulatory Affairs, Commercial and Corporate. Marcus & Associates values our partnerships with our hiring leaders as well as our human resources and talent acquisition partners, as we collaborate to deliver high caliber candidates, while also focusing on important metrics, such as time to fill.

Medical Device & Diagnostics

Engineering and regulatory objectives will more likely be met when the right people are in place. Medical device and diagnostic companies require leaders who will drive innovation and differentiation to stand out from the rest. Marcus & Associates consistently builds exceptional teams that do just that. Device and diagnostic firms know Marcus & Associates can persuade the right people to relocate to any unique location in the United States or the world.


Clinical and administrative executives rely on Marcus & Associates’ deep networks within academia, federal agencies, top hospitals, health centers and health networks. We know whom to reach out to when a position needs to be filled. Technology is transforming healthcare, fostering greater patient engagement and better health outcomes. As a result, analytics expertise is highly sought after and is just one key skill set we consistently deliver the industry.

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