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Within the life science field, identifying, recruiting, and hiring talent has become more challenging in recent years for both internal hiring managers and dedicated recruiters. The industry is growing, which is adding plenty of jobs. However, it’s important for life science companies to recognize how talent is changing.

Today’s class of life science talent differs from the talent of the past. Their behaviors, motivations, and aspirations have evolved, which means life science companies must reevaluate how they approach, recruit, and retain talent.

How can companies do that?

For starters, companies need to take note of the motivating factors that are driving talent to take the next step in their career. If companies know what matters to candidates, they can position their recruiting efforts to best appeal to talent.

Novel Research that is Well-Funded

When our team of recruiting professionals is asking talent what they’re looking for in a new position, a question we hear over and over is how new and exciting will the research will be. For companies with new scientific platforms or are working with recently-discovered molecules, there is a great opportunity for leveraging the work as an appeal towards talent—especially if the company is well-funded.

When you’re discussing the type of research your company is working on, it’s a great idea to also reassure talent by providing them with some insight into your company’s funding. Talent takes on a significant risk when moving any biotech or smaller company, and while the appeal for working with a new scientific platform or new molecules is highly intriguing, they’ll want to know that the organization has the sound financial backing to mitigate the personal risk they’re taking.

The pipeline of assets in the world is worthless if the organization is not properly funded. Whether from the first-hand experience or from hearing from their battle-scarred colleagues, life science talent is well aware of how quickly a research project can evaporate when a company, or project, is not funded.

Companies that are well-funded and are pursuing new and exciting research will be very appealing to today’s best life science talent.

Showcase Your Leadership Team

In addition to proper funding, having a strong leadership team with a positive reputation will always benefit recruiting efforts. The exceptional candidates that will bring value to your company are ambitious individuals who want to learn from well-established leaders. By working with the best leaders, today’s talent can grow their careers faster.

Life science companies should utilize the “about us” and “leadership” pages on their website during their recruiting efforts. When applicable, involve them in the recruiting process during interviews.

Highlight the Potential for Growth

As we mentioned earlier, the dynamic and rare talented individuals your company wants to hire are typically highly ambitious and career-oriented professionals. If the role you’re hiring for presents the opportunity for future growth, you’ll want to highlight during your recruitment.

This is especially true in the biopharma sector of life sciences where the success rate is challenging. Working on a team that successfully commercializes a drug can serve as a springboard for someone’s career. The best talent isn’t just thinking about their opportunities today, they’re thinking about the ones down the road as well. Working in a well-funded company on strongly-supported projects are key ingredients to the dream role of top talent.


Marcus & Associates Life Science Recruiting

To compete for today’s talent, life science companies need to sell themselves to talent. The more appealing your life science roles are, the more likely you’ll be able to attract the best talent.

Looking for assistance in attracting the best life science talent? Contact our team of dedicated life science recruiters today!