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Through our First Look Program, we bring unique value to our clients by providing them with the “First Look” at profiles of otherwise inaccessible world-class talent.
We cover all functions across Research, Development, Technical Operations, Clinical, Regulatory and Commercial.

How the First Look Program Works

We will provide you with profiles of individuals that match your long and short-term talent acquisition “Wish List.” We will only send you profiles of individuals who have confirmed potential interest in your company and geographic location. This is a highly specialized, confidential service that we perform on a limited basis. Due to our strong relationships and constant communication, we become aware of the availability of top medical and scientific talent months before any other source could. “First Look” individuals agree to allow us to represent them exclusively with our clients.

Your Investment

  • Participation in this program requires No up-front financial investment or service fee
  • To begin we only require a discussionwhere we can explore your anticipated talent acquisitions needs, or your talent “Wish List”
  • Typically our clients’ elect to review First Look candidates who match their ‘Perennial Needs’ as well as project specific talent needs for upcoming initiatives and expansions
  • From time to time our clients choose to hire a First Look candidate and in this case we simply apply a standard search fee of 25% of the first year’s annual salary


This simple program evolved as a natural result of forming strong relationships with both our clients and the world-class candidates we work with and speak with on a daily basis.  We are immersed in the professional lives’ of the very best R&D leaders globally; which gives us direct and ‘real time’ intelligence as it pertains to their:

  • Ideal next career moves (role, level and scope)
  • Perspective on companies they would consider and geographic preferences

Why Choose to Work with Marcus & Associates?

We understand that no two positions and no two clients are the same; We take a client-centered approach, listening carefully to make sure that we understand each client’s requirements; We then develop a tailored search strategy and customized plan for each new assignment; Our ability to then deliver on each client’s specific needs leads to high satisfaction, which is demonstrated by our long term relationships with clients – they keep coming back for more. Many of our client relationships span over 20 years, which is longer than most other search firms specializing exclusively in healthcare and Life Sciences have been in business. Many of these same competitors prefer to jump from client to client and try to take short cuts with a cookie cutter approach.

Marcus & Associates’ prides itself on being directly connected to both our clients and our candidates. We understand through experience the importance of constant communication
throughout the search process. Our ability to earn final commitment from top candidates is a result of the fact that for that 2-3 month period, no one but a spouse will be closer to that person than the M&A project manager who leads that search. Very often it is our engagement and teamwork with our hiring leaders (both HR and Line) that brings that rare, hard to get candidates “off the fence” or “past the finish line.” Our level of engagement is the X factor that assures our clients that we are always their best chance to fill their key roles.

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