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When it comes to finding the best talent for your team there are many advantages of life science recruitment agencies, the main advantage being the personal and expedited service not available from a large search firm (often a fraction of the cost).

The best life science recruitment agencies should be an extension of your HR team and can be a valuable resource in educating industry professionals about your company. Due to the high level of service from a life science search firm, clients can expect to receive qualified candidates quickly, saving your team time and money. Most specialized search firms have over a decade of successful search experience and provide higher quality candidates thanks to their extensive networks.

With the available talent pool shrinking, access to the larger passive talent pool has never been more vital. The war for talent is not going away, so company branding and vendor partnerships are paramount for success. The demand for strategically scoped , value-adding guidance is in as high demand as ever.

Josh MarcusPresident, Marcus & Associates

Over 83% of industry leaders say that talent acquisition is their number one priority. As a result, the majority of their recruiting budgets will be allocated to hiring search firms and posting to job boards. By partnering with a specialized life search firm, the chance of a targeted, pragmatic and effective search increases. Time is of the essence when identifying new talent and life science recruitment agencies can save your team time and money.

The same percentage of industry leaders acknowledge that company branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent. Candidates acknowledge that the more a company piques their interest, the greater the chance they’ll be willing to explore an opportunity.

A specialized search firm is able to align your company’s mission, values, goals, and pitch the opportunity in a way that magnifies positives and diminishes potential obstacles. By understanding and communicating your company’s best attributes, a specialized search firm can mirror your organization and sell your company to a prospective candidate (in partnership with you and your team of course).

Life science recruitment agencies can help increase hiring volume and compliment internal hiring efforts. Companies can expect speedy onboarding and a higher caliber of qualified candidates. These search firms provide an unparalleled level of service to ensure candidates that you receive will have a positive, long-term effect on your business.

Life Science Recruitment Agencies Like Marcus & Associates Provide:

  • Unique Qualification of Candidates – Rigorous qualification process with every candidate, including conversations with spouse or significant other to ensure everyone is on board should the opportunity require relocation.
  • Quality of Candidates – Our specialization within pharma and biotech, including 1000’s of relationships with US and global leaders enable us to access and develop top candidates that are otherwise inaccessible.
  • Speed of Delivery – We accommodate our clients’ need for urgency and guarantee a full slate of 3-5 final candidates for even the most challenging searches within four weeks or less (2-3 week average).
  • Exceptional Service – We dedicate expert resources from one of our five teams to every search ensuring both our clients and candidates receive the best service.
  • Cost-Effective Results – As a boutique firm we can provide the flexibility that our clients’ require, including pay for performance fees, pricing options, variable agreement terms and more. The bottom line is that our clients save money by selecting us, as much as 10%-40% cost savings compared to our traditional retained competitors.
  • Technology – We are pioneers in the use of social networking and own the largest, longest running, and most active LinkedIn group dedicated exclusively to pharma and biotech professionals. In addition, our proprietary database and leading edge CRM technology has over 400,000 contacts. Our competitors simply haven’t invested the same amount of resources into the various elements of technology.
  • Dedicated Resources To Fill Each Position – We commit, some might even say we obsess, personally and as a team to filling each and every position. Even those with a narrow scope of requirements. We take away the worry of having the search done right and ensure that the position gets filled.
  • Eliminate Unmotivated Candidates – We have developed tools and processes for thoroughly vetting each candidate to gauge motivation, and eliminate unmotivated candidates to avoid wasting our clients’ time and resources; each candidate must pass through several layers of screening before ever being presented to a client.
  • More Time for You To Get Everything Else Done – We partner with our clients’ HR teams and hiring managers to remove worry and make their lives easier. We provide the flexibility to take on as much of the hiring and interviewing responsibilities as clients need, lightening the load and allowing them to spend more time on their multitude of other responsibilities.
  • Always Available & Highly Responsive – We value loyal relationships with our portfolio clients. Loyal client relationships and our commitment to learning about each client’s business give us a better understanding of each client’s business over time. Our deep understanding of each client enables us to determine which candidates will be the best fit for their team, leading to a high level of client satisfaction.
  • Meet Your Specific Needs & Requirements – We understand that no two positions and no two clients are the same. We have a client-centered approach, listening carefully to make sure that we understand each client’s requirements. We then develop a tailored search strategy and customized plan for each new assignment.

We’ve established multiple Life Sciences LinkedIn Groups that are one of the many tools unique to Marcus & Associates. We also provide news, career tips, and more on our LinkedIn company page as well.

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