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The Great Resignation” is a term that has been adopted during the pandemic and has been used to describe individuals leaving their careers for remote opportunities and to find work that is more accommodating to a post-pandemic lifestyle. It is affecting all industries, including biotech and pharma.

“The rate of people quitting their jobs in 2021 has reached its highest point in the last 20 years. This has intensified the competition among organizations to attract and retain top talent.”

- Porschia Parker-GriffinCertified Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching

In an article published on BioSpace, Griffin states that “attracting, engaging and retaining employees is a way to prevent turnover, which is an expensive problem that is estimated to cost U.S. organizations around $1 trillion annually…is a complex issue…and will be unique to each organization.”

Your company will likely lose employees to “The Great Resignation”. At Marcus & Associates, we help our clients navigate through the challenges of recruiting during this dynamic and rapidly changing period in history.

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