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For over 30 years, Marcus & Associates has established a proven track record of giving Life Sciences clients a competitive advantage in building exceptional leadership teams through the recruitment of world-class scientific, clinical, technical, commercial and corporate talent – including mission-critical executive officers, fast-track rising stars, industry-leading functional experts and numerous drivers of excellence. Our clients believe that achieving the best results begins with recruiting the right people. Our teams are focused on meeting each of our client’s individual cultural and business needs. With a full range of solutions, we give you the flexibility you want at the pace you need.

Our clients’ satisfaction is demonstrated by their loyalty – our relationships with our longest-term clients span over 30 years and 95% of our work is repeat business, while 5% is business with new clients. We are consistently relied upon to fill key positions for our clients in the US and around the world. No preconceived notions or cookie cutter approaches are delivered – only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. Our success is predicated on the fact that we mirror the organizations we support and listen and deliver the demanding needs of each client in a timely manner.

Marcus pharmaceuticals


From pre-IPO stealth mode planning to execution of the final exit strategy, Marcus & Associates understands the phased and scaleable hiring requirements of venture investors, boards of directors and executive leadership. Cash conscious development phase biotechs know they can trust Marcus & Associates to efficiently deliver top talent. Marcus & Associates has supported dozens of biotechs as they transition into revenue producing successes. Count on us to provide the professionals that will lead product approvals and launches multiple times. Therapeutic expertise is needed, but talent is in-demand, requiring a laser focused search from a firm like ours with over 30 years of experience.

Marcus Medical Device and Diagnostics

Traditional Pharmaceuticals

Established companies have relied on Marcus & Associates for over 30 years to fill their ranks from Senior Scientist to Senior Vice President. Marcus & Associates values our partnerships with human resources and recognizes the important metrics of Time to Fill and Offer Acceptance Rates. Thousands of successful Marcus & Associates placements quickly open doors for even more passive, elite talent from large and medium sized pharma companies.

Marcus Hospital and Healthcare

Medical Device and Diagnostics

Engineering and regulatory objectives will more likely be met when the right people are in place. Medical device and diagnostic companies require leaders who will drive innovation and differentiation to stand out from the rest. Marcus & Associates consistenly builds exceptional teams that do just that. Device and diagnostic firms know Marcus & Associates can persuade the right people to relocate to any unique location in the United States or the world.

Marcus Hospital and Healthcare

Hospital and Healthcare

Clinical and administrative executives rely on Marcus & Associates’ deep networks within academia, federal agencies, top hospitals, health centers and health networks. We know whom to reach out to when a position needs to be filled. Technology is transforming healthcare, fostering greater patient engagement and better health outcomes. As a result, analytics expertise is highly sought after and is just one key skill set we consistently deliver the industry.

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