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For over 30 years, Marcus & Associates has established a proven track record of giving our healthcare and Life Sciences clients a competitive advantage in building exceptional leadership teams through the recruitment of world-class scientific, clinical, technical, commercial and corporate talent – including mission-critical executive officers, fast-track rising stars, industry-leading functional experts and numerous drivers of excellence. Our clients believe that achieving the best results begins with recruiting the right people. Our teams are focused on meeting each of our client’s individual cultural and business needs. With a full range of solutions, we give you the flexibility you want at the pace you need.

Our clients’ satisfaction is demonstrated by their loyalty – our relationships with our longest-term clients span over 30 years and 95% of our work is repeat business, while 5% is business with new clients. We are consistently relied upon to fill key positions for our clients in the US and around the world. No preconceived notions or cookie cutter approaches are delivered – only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. Our success is predicated on the fact that we mirror the organizations we support and listen and deliver the demanding needs of each client in a timely manner.

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