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Welcome to the February edition of The Marcus Methodwritten exclusively for the Friends of Marcus and our partners around the world. Marcus & Associates seeks to contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives through its business activities by connecting top talent with the life science industry’s best companies.

Since our founding in 1986, we have dedicated our firm to upholding the highest of standards and have been fortunate enough to help develop many of the industry’s best companies from start-up stage to industry leaders.

We have helped to create excitement and inspiration with people around the world by connecting the right candidates and companies to advance many of the treatments that are available today that save and improve people’s lives.

We are always aware of the need to create customer value by improving our services that go beyond our customers’ expectations and give them inspiration. To accomplish this, we want to interact proactively with each of our customers and to propose services from their perspectives. This is one reason why we’ve setup our firm to mirror the companies we work with.

To continue to offer the kind of value that only Marcus & Associates can provide, we offer unique pricing solutions that are based on performance and provide the flexibility our customers need to make sure they can focus on the task at hand of advancing science and not worry about their hiring needs.

Looking ahead, we will be making every effort to ensure that Marcus & Associates delivers the type of service our customers need and continues to enjoy long and close relationships with each and every one. I would greatly appreciate your ongoing support and welcome your feedback at any time.

Joshua Marcus