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Marcus & Associates partners with transformative biotechs, biopharmas, and pharmas to bring them full slates of highly-qualified, motivated candidates. To better understand our capabilities, please review the actual statistics and results of a recent life science search we conducted for a mid-sized oncology and hematology-focused biotech in the Maryland area.

Practice Area Leader: Ray Rodriguez, SVP, Marcus & Associates

Role: VP of Clinical Research, Oncology (early/late stage development, pipeline includes monoclonal antibodies, IO and small molecules); below please find the actual statistics for this search


Number Date Completed Comments
Search Agreements Signed: 8/15/18
Candidates Presented: 6 9/25/18 Client was surprised/impressed with the fact that none of our candidates were ‘known’ to their company- they had previously looked at 60 CVs over the previous 8 months
Telephone Interviews:  6 All candidates were selected to receive telephone interviews
Onsite Interviews:  4 Four candidates were selected for onsite interviews
Hireable Candidates According to our Client 3* *One of our candidates who was deemed too junior for the VP level is in the process of accepting an Executive Director level role with this client
Signed Offer Acceptance Letter  1 11/30/2018 Candidate of choice was recommended by one of our contacts within the FDA’s CBER organization

Bottom line:

In the above case study, this client, like many other organizations, grew tired of paying full retainers to firms that could not deliver results in a short time frame. They had previously received multiple turned-down offers due to improperly vetted candidates costing them time and money.