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Are you interested in more than just a job, a career in which you can have a real impact and get the recognition you deserve? Are you interested in being a part of something important that you can be proud of, serving an industry which improves, extends and saves people’s lives everyday? Do you want to make a significant contribution to the direction of an expanding business and help build something with growth potential in a fun and fast-paced, but professional environment?

Marcus & Associates is a leading Executive Search Consulting firm. For over 30 years we have achieved a track record of providing superior results and service for an established portfolio of world leading and growth-oriented healthcare and life sciences clients. Executive search consulting, a respected arm of management consulting, is a critical professional service that we provide to the leadership of client organizations around the world to find top talent and build exceptional leadership teams.

Our process of executive search involves methodical research, analysis, planning and rigorous execution in order to develop target candidates who represent the best executive talent worldwide for a particular position. There is a lot at stake on each search – for the client, the search firm and the candidate. The success of a search depends on a clear relationship among these parties. The search consultant choreographs key aspects of this relationship.

Success in our business include an understanding of our clients and their strategies and cultures as well as each individual candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds and compensation. We conduct extensive research, employing various sources of information – among the most important of these are contacts in the industries. In this context, our retained executive search consultants must operate with the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality, and with sensitivity to the needs of all parties.

Executive Search Consultant

We are looking for someone for our firm who will be a key member of our team, an Executive Search Consultant, out of our beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, FL office. The Consultant collaborates on the initial analysis of each search assignment, beginning with an evaluation of our client company’s talent needs. The Consultant plans and executes the recruitment of potential employees for our clients via extensive telephone networking. The Consultant calls existing contacts and pursues referrals to new leads to recruit potential employees for our client companies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Confer with Marcus & Associates leadership and clients to identify client’s hiring needs
  • Align understanding of position requirements with Marcus & Associates recruitment team
  • Call through network of contacts and leads from databases to request referrals to potential candidates
  • Call potential candidates to recruit them by providing information about the client company and position
  • Review candidates’ resumes and credentials for appropriateness of skills, experience and knowledge

Additional Responsibilities May Include:

  • Sustain and build relationships with our existing clients
  • Successfully manage and drive the disciplined execution of our consulting assignments
  • Respond sensitively and urgently to our clients’ needs
  • Ensure the successful delivery of results on each assignment
  • Interview clients to ensure understanding of position requirements
  • Consult with client on their hiring needs and position requirements
  • Advise client on market insights, process, project timeline and expectations for results
  • Write an abbreviated job description based on detailed client requirements
  • Conduct necessary research to complete a detailed recruitment plan
  • Write plan which outlines process to identify, attract and acquire potential candidates
  • Create interview questions for potential candidates
  • Search external (LinkedIn, etc.) and internal databases to identify leads to potential candidates
  • Conduct interviews of candidates to ensure an in-depth screening/assessment of qualifications and motivation
  • Confide in qualified and motivated candidates with intimate details about the opportunity
  • Evaluate qualifications and motivation of candidates to determine who to present to client
  • Write up candidate profiles that highlight their skills, experience, knowledge and motivation
  • Present candidate profiles to clients
  • Discuss candidates with clients and elicit feedback from clients
  • Strategically advise client on presented candidate’s fit for the position/company
  • Manage and coordinate all communication between clients and candidates
  • Ensure the scheduling and logistics of all interviews between candidates and clients
  • Prepare candidates for interviews with clients
  • Organize, lead and document post-interview debrief/feedback with interview teams and candidates
  • Advise client on candidate selection
  • Elicit input and set expectations for an offer with selected candidate and client
  • Extend offer of employment to selected candidate and manage negotiation of offer as needed
  • Clarify issues and negotiate to ensure that our client’s offer is accepted by selected candidate

Additional Sales Support Responsibilities May Include:

  • Develop Sales Tools and Sales Aids
  • Execute on Marketing Campaigns
  • Prepare Sales Packages, Including Letters, etc.
  • Ad Hoc Projects for Research, Sales, Operations, etc.

Key Qualifications/Requirements Include:

  • Professionally minded and ambitious individuals
  • Desire to learn, study and train to become an outstanding Consultant
  • Record of high performance within a competitive environment; drive to win
  • Accountability for service delivery to the highest possible standards
  • Ease to quickly develop rapport over the telephone
  • Focused on results; sense of urgency and commitment to bring projects to completion
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Screen candidates to ensure qualifications and motivation
  • Flexibility to roll up sleeves and get things done to high standards of detail and quality
  • Ability to consistently maintain focus, energy and enthusiasm
  • Insightful about people and organizations
  • Proven success establishing and growing long-term relationships
  • Prior experience in Executive Search/Recruiting NOT required

Cash compensation includes an annual base salary and commissions. There is also a discretionary bonus and sales contests, which provide variable cash compensation.
This position is based out of our St. Petersburg, FL office. Interested candidates please send your resume to:

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