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Our clients believe that achieving the best results begins with recruiting the right people. In order to ensure that a full selection of the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates are delivered on every search, we leverage our 400,000+ proprietary database as well as a multitude of other resources to generate leads to all of the qualified candidates available.

Our methodical approach to networking enables us to access, connect with and recruit the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates. Very few competitors can match our over 30 years of experience focused entirely on building relationships within healthcare and Life Sciences to have built a network to provide coverage comparable to ours.

For over 30 years we have built a superior reputation and have developed credibility and personal relationships with C-Level Leadership, KOLs and other thought leaders across the industry and around the globe. These industry leaders return our phone calls and give us access to and refer us to otherwise inaccessible, passive, world-class talent. Few, if any other firms can match our volume of ‘FOMs’ (Friends of Marcus) – leaders we have recruited and placed in healthcare and Life Sciences around the globe that help us help you.

We apply our superior communication skills, including sourcing/recruiting, relationship, sales and telephone skills to directly contact all of the qualified prospective candidates; We share our client’s ‘story’ with each source and prospective candidate to get additional referrals and recruit them respectively; We invest heavily in hiring and training the very best recruiters and consultants to develop these skills; The strength of these skills are demonstrated by our average of 80% call back rate when we reach out to source industry leaders (20-30% call back rate is standard among our competitors).

Our specialization and passion for healthcare and life sciences enables us to understand our clients’ needs and the market; Our specialized recruiters and consultants know where to look to identify even the hardest to find candidates. Moreover, our specialization enables us to ‘speak their language’, so that we can ultimately recruit and deliver a full selection of the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates on assignments with even the narrowest requirements; Many competitors claim to specialize, but actually work across many industries and don’t have the specialized knowledge needed to truly understand your needs and the market.

We share the same high standards as our clients and are passionate in our methodical approach to ‘leave no stone unturned’ to find the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates on every search. Our goal on every assignment is to completely canvas the industry to connect with every top source and all of the qualified candidates to ensure that we will ultimately deliver a full selection of the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates for our clients. Many of our competitors do not share our passion or approach and their efforts are much more limited and standards are not as high; they are not committed to finding the best and will often settle for the first prospective candidates they find.

Although all clients have their own preferred pace, we leverage our in-depth healthcare and life sciences industry knowledge with our methodical process, which has been refined through our 30+ years in business to deliver quality results as fast as needed depending on each client’s preferences; Most of our competitors have been in business for a relatively short time and don’t have a time tested and reliable process.

We are organized into teams that each have a functional focus, so each team member develops a functional expertise, consistently working on the same types of assignments; This structure enables each team member to build a focused personal network of healthcare and life sciences professionals that they are continuously cultivating and speaking with every day. Each team member’s network keeps them connected within their respective functional area, thus giving them instant recognition among a robust pipeline of fresh talent that they are immediately able to tap into for our clients to help deliver timely results and fill their positions fast. Most of our competitors lack functional expertise and focused networks, which makes it far more cumbersome for them to recruit within the highly specialized functions in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

We understand when clients need to move fast and have consistently demonstrated that we can respond with a shared sense of urgency by routinely delivering a full selection of candidates in 3-4 weeks and completing searches in just 6-8 weeks. This compares very favorably to the standard 4-8 weeks to deliver candidates and 12-20+ weeks to complete searches by our traditional retained competitors.

We are pioneers in the use of social networking and own the largest, longest running, and most active LinkedIn group dedicated exclusively to pharma/biopharma and biotech professionals, In addition, our proprietary database and leading edge CRM technology as well as other acquired technological resources such as and BioMedTracker, enable us to more quickly identify the best fit talent for our clients. Our competitors simply haven’t invested the same amount of resources into the various elements of technology.

Our ability to respond and deliver results quickly gets our clients to a productive hire faster. Getting a new critical hire on board who can be a useful resource and start making an impact helps our clients to achieve their goals and objectives. We help our clients meet deadlines and reach milestones with the contributions provided by the new talent that we deliver.

Our boutique size and dynamic culture enable us to quickly mobilize resources. Our size gives us the flexibility and agility to respond to our clients as needed and ‘start yesterday’ to deliver results. Due to their larger size, our traditional retained competitors don’t have the ability or the culture to allow them to quickly mobilize.

We dedicate deeper resources to each new search to guarantee that we close all assignments (~100% close rate). A full team of Marcus & Associates’ highly trained and specialized recruiters are dedicated to every search and we are committed to stay with it to get the job done right the first time. Many of our competitors will split resources and limit the amount of time dedicated to one assignment, which gives them a much lower likelihood of success. We emphasize both client and candidate relationship management, which ensures a win-win for clients and candidates; We are proven closers that get the search done right the first time, with an accepted offer by the candidate of choice. Most of our competitors don’t provide the same level of high-touch service, which makes it much more difficult for them to understand and ultimately align the interests of clients and candidates to consistently ensure that an offer is accepted by the candidate of choice.

We commit (some might even say we obsess) personally and as a team to filling each and every position, even those with the narrowest of requirements. We take away the worry of having the search done right and ensure that the position will get filled. This personal accountability and our commitment as a firm leads to a much higher success rate than our competitors who often walk away before the job is done.

For those clients that can’t afford mistakes and re-dos, we provide a highly trained, expert team to provide the highest quality service and ensure that the search gets done right. We hire exceptional individuals and build expert teams of recruiters by conducting ongoing training and development; We are the only firm that provides training via our own internal world-class master trainers, covering a) executive search skills b) healthcare and life sciences industry knowledge as well as c) relationship, leadership and communication skills.

Our ability to deliver results fast and ensure that our clients make a successful hire on the first try minimizes the drain on their resources, including the time, people and other costs required to participate in the hiring/interviewing process. ; Also, by filling positions more quickly than alternative methods of recruiting, we ease the strain on the hiring manager and their team, allowing them to spend more time doing their jobs rather than spending their time and resources managing the responsibilities of the open position.

We have developed tools and processes for thoroughly screening each candidate to gauge motivation, so that we can eliminate unmotivated candidates to avoid wasting our clients’ time and resources; each candidate must pass through several layers of screening before ever being presented to a client. We embed ourselves with each candidate to maintain a deep understanding of his or her individual situation. We continue to evaluate each candidate’s motivation throughout the hiring process and will withdraw an unmotivated candidate as needed. Many other firms don’t have the know-how to effectively assess nor do they make the investment to continuously monitor candidates’ motivation. Their superficial candidate evaluations lead to the inclusion of unmotivated candidates and ultimately turned down offers. Unmotivated candidates expose their clients to the risk of failing to get the search done right the first time.

As a boutique firm we can provide the flexibility that our clients’ require, including pay for performance fees, pricing options, variable agreement terms, etc., which make it easy for our clients to engage us and saves them money. The bottom line is that our clients save money by selecting us, as much as 10%-40% cost savings compared to our traditional retained competitors and other recruitment alternatives.

Our local networks enable us to identify local candidates for our clients whenever possible to avoid or minimize relocation and interview costs. During the course of our 30+ years in business, we have developed a superior understanding of the make up of the geographic communities within the healthcare and life sciences industry. In addition, over the years we have developed an expansive network within the various geographic communities within the industry, which enable us to target local and regional talent for our clients. Most of our competitors haven’t been around long enough to have the knowledge nor the network to consistently deliver local talent.

We have the experience, skills and training to help structure and negotiate compensation, which enables our clients to achieve cost savings. We leverage our understanding of the dynamics of compensation within the healthcare and life sciences industry derived from our 30+ years in business to advise clients on the appropriateness of the compensation structure for each position at the beginning of each search. We proactively develop market intelligence and continue to provide insights on compensation throughout the search process. In addition, our consultants are skilled negotiators who we have trained extensively on managing various aspects of compensation. Many competitors cannot match our track record of successfully negotiating thousands of executive compensation packages throughout the 30+ years we have been in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

We will put ourselves on our clients’ team and comply with all of their preferred internal procedures and policies; Our boutique size and our client-centered approach give us the flexibility to provide our clients with easy to use and very satisfying service; The larger size and the bureaucratic approach of our traditional retained competitors makes it much more difficult for them to align their processes with clients; instead they require that clients do things their way.

Getting a new critical hire on board who can be a useful resource and start making an impact helps our clients to achieve their goals and objectives. We help our clients meet deadlines and reach milestones with the contributions provided by the new talent that we deliver. The inability of our competitors to move as fast can result in missed deadlines, milestones, etc. that can cost hiring managers and their organizations opportunities and dollars. Our ability to complete searches 30-50% faster than our competitors has saved our clients millions of dollars in opportunity cost.

We will partner with our HR clients and hiring managers to take away the worry and make their lives easier; We will provide the flexibility to take on as much of the hiring and interviewing responsibilities as clients prefer, lightening the load and allowing them to spend more time on their multitude of other responsibilities; We are full service consultants and offer our clients valuable skills and resources that they rely on, while many of our competitors will do little more than submit resumes.

We deeply immerse ourselves into every assignment, obsessing over the details so that our clients don’t have to worry. We remain constantly engaged and are available to our clients around the clock, always keeping open lines of communication; We recognize how important every communication with a client can be and are committed to always responding quickly. Our dedicated resources ensure that there is never a lapse in service so that we achieve complete client satisfaction.

We value loyal relationships with our portfolio of a select group of clients. Loyal client relationships and our commitment to learning about each client’s business give us a better understanding of each client’s business over time. Our deep understanding of each client enables us to determine which candidates will be the best fit for their team, which leads to a very high level of client satisfaction; Client satisfaction and in turn, client loyalty is demonstrated by our long term relationships with clients as well as the fact that ~95% of our work is repeat business, while ~5% is building business with new clients. Many of our competitors are so large that each client’s business is much less valuable to them, so they are less concerned with client loyalty and client satisfaction.

We understand that no two positions and no two clients are the same; We take a client-centered approach, listening carefully to make sure that we understand each client’s requirements; We then develop a tailored search strategy and customized plan for each new assignment; Our ability to then deliver on each client’s specific needs leads to high satisfaction, which is demonstrated by our long term relationships with clients – they keep coming back for more. Many of our client relationships span over 20 years, which is longer than most other search firms specializing exclusively in healthcare and life sciences have been in business. Many of these same competitors prefer to jump from client to client and try to take short cuts with a cookie cutter approach.

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