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For more than three decades, Marcus & Associates has made a name for itself servicing the most respected companies in the Life Sciences industry. We feel the best way to show our value is to let our clients speak for themselves. Our dedication to customer service is earned by truly listening to our client’s needs and delivering the types of candidates required in a timely manner.

Our methodical approach to networking enables us to access, connect with and recruit the best-fit, highest-caliber candidates. Very few competitors can match our years of experience focused entirely on building relationships within Life Sciences to have built a network to provide coverage comparable to ours. Below are just a few client testimonials. Please contact us for references.

“Marcus & Associates in my opinion are an unusually dedicated and considerate consultants in our industry. From the first contact I made with them, they have been personable and seriously interested in assisting in any way the he can in a very timely fashion. It is truly a pleasure working with them.” Director, World-leading Pharmaceutical Company

“In my 20+ years of working with recruiters, Marcus & Associates are the one that really stands out. They handle things with perfection. I have never seen a firm work on a position with such detail from both the candidate and employer perspective. If there was one word needed to describe them it would be Integrity.” Vice President, Leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates is a superior source for top talent in the industry. They are experts at finding the best candidate for the role in a timely manner. They invest a great deal of time in understanding their clients’ needs and screens candidates intensely to find the right fit. Their extensive network stems from their high integrity, expertise and the ability to get the job done with the best people. Their advice and guidance are very sound. They are consummate professionals – dedicated, highly engaged and responsive. Their good-nature and positive attitude make them a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Marcus & Associates.” Senior Director, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates are very detailed in their assessment of the fit between a candidate and the company. They go to great lengths to understand the individuals involved in the decision process and ensures candidates are well prepared. I have found them to be direct and honest in every interaction without any evidence of overpromising.” Country Manager, World Leading Biopharmaceutical Company

“I have never had the level of service that I received from Marcus & Associates with any other search firm in my entire career.” Vice President, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates has been a great asset to my career. They are very prompt and courteous and timely with all of their follow up. They were proactive at all times and provided continuous communication with me. I would recommend them to anyone looking to utilize his services.” Senior Director, World-leading Biopharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates are a firm that I have come to rely on for career recruitment and advice. They have valuable contacts at sought after companies. They are trustworthy and look to build long term relationships rather than quick, one-time placements.” Director, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Detail oriented, personable, and professional are just a few things that come to mind when speaking about Marcus & Associates. From start to finish I was impressed with the expertise and assistance they provided me. I highly recommend Marcus & Associates as a top notch recruiter.” Associate Director, Leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates is extremely reliable and results-oriented. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who may be looking for someone who is very resourceful and knowledgeable in the field, and can make a genuine difference.” Director, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus and Associates showed great insight in understanding what I was looking for in opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry, and showed tremendous integrity in helping me select between different opportunities. Additionally, in the context of current opportunities, they are able to take a long-term view of an individual’s career and based on their experience are able to provide critical guidance to help make good choices, which I found to be a key differentiating factor. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend working with Marcus & Associates in future business endeavors.” Managing Consultant, Top Management Consulting Firm

“I am happy to recommend Marcus & Associates. One of their recruiting leaders took the time to get to know me and understand my career goals, professional strengths, and what I was really looking for. Two years later they were instrumental in representing my candidacy for the senior leadership position I now hold.” Senior Vice President, Emerging Biopharmaceutical Company

“Leaving your company is not an easy or comfortable thing to do, regardless of the opportunity you are considering. Marcus & Associates made the entire process as comfortable for me as possible and prepared me to represent myself in best possible way.” Director, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“Distinguishing features of Marcus & Associates are a high-level of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Timely follow-up coupled with sharp, on-target insight is extremely valuable competing in a tight and very competitive job market. Having all of this together, well-balanced and appropriately executed, is a winning formula.” Executive Director, World-leading Pharmaceutical Company

“Marcus & Associates helped me get my first VP level position. Now (years later) I rely on them to help me build my team.” Senior Vice President, World-leading Pharmaceutical Company

“I trust the leaders of Marcus & Associates. They are true consultants who believe in representing high level opportunities with a level of transparency that I had not seen with any other retained search firm I have worked with.” Senior Director, Emerging Pharmaceutical Company

“I started my relationship with Marcus & Associates in the mid 90’s. To this day I recommend them to fellow leaders and people within my network that may be looking to proactively advance their careers.” CEO, Emerging Pharmaceutical Company

“I owe the incredible position I have as well as the enhanced financial security that my family enjoys to the Marcus & Associates team, thanks!” Vice President, World-leading Pharmaceutical Company

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The Marcus & Associates Advantage

Marcus & Associates invests heavily in developing our staff and provides extensive training annually – covering topics including executive search, healthcare and life sciences, relationship building, communication and selling/client service skills. This has helped us to build a commanding knowledge and expertise, which enables us to deliver consistently superior results and back up our commitment to filling every position.

Conducting a search for our clients is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and partnering with Marcus & Associates is a truly collaborative experience. We build long-term relationships with our clients, leading to a deep understanding of their position in the marketplace, organizational structure, goals and culture. This client-orientation combined with our specialization, vast network of personal relationships with world-class professionals, our flexible yet thorough approach, our customized and methodical process, our dedicated resources and our highly trained consultants translates into a high level of trust and far greater rate of success for our clients.

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